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  1. justice

    freeman64´s VGA Collection

    DAMN! Tekken, FF9, Rayman and Yoshis Story my favorites! Awesome additions! Only good games. Shame i never owned a SEGA console, because as far as i know, Panzer Dragoon is another jewel piece! Congrats mate!
  2. justice

    freeman64´s VGA Collection

    Thats indeed a big and great update again mate! Some phenomenal grades and cool games. Waiting for your next update now!
  3. justice

    SealedBigBox Collection

    Lick my nutzzz and eat my asscrack @
  4. justice

    SealedBigBox Collection

    I agree, Enze is strong enough to protect himself, yes. I felt a bit offended myself when u said "germongs", because im also german as u know of course, but u know that i feel offended a bit faster than others, haha. The post wasnt even meant bad or against you dave, but what i wrote, is fact as you know best. p.s. actually i dont care when u say "germongs", u can go on and still say it in the future if u want. Im used to it and actually dont care lol. Sometimes i should just keep my mouth shut!
  5. justice

    SealedBigBox Collection

    GerMONGS are the best and most wise people in the world. Without gerMONGS this forum wouldnt exist and u wouldnt be an admin davey wavey! <3 Cool stuff @SealedBigBox!
  6. justice

    Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    The games are in good hands with you Gurdeep! Hope u find an upgrade sooner or later for SMW yellow, then u can come back to me and give me my vga85 copy back. ^-^ Wish you all the best with further collecting best brother mate! <3
  7. justice

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    Some funny rare sealed games there guys. Congrats to everyone!
  8. justice

    Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Some beautiful new additions bhaker. Good people like you have earned them.
  9. justice

    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Nice games matty.
  10. Congrats Matthew. Always great to see you getting a new addition.
  11. justice


    Beautiful collection uru. Love these pictures! Respect for that!
  12. justice

    tkC's Superlatives

    Love the Zelda Link between Worlds collectors Edition Nick. 95 grade is epic on this. With my copy i should also reach this grade of course, but im not 100% sure if i ever send this certain game to VGA as i love it unfolded like it is..(you have seen the picture on FB).
  13. justice

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    The Zelda DX is beautiful Kim! Great buy!
  14. Thats indeed a beautiful piece Matthew, congrats! Probably the best basketball game ever made. I grew up with it, but with the Snes-version. Here is a comparison between Snes and Mega Drive version - both are great however: