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  1. Nice controller dave! Fits perfect in your snes collection!
  2. I agree with Enze, only collect what u love Chris. Not worthwhile to go for every shit title which doesnt make u happy in the end and which u maybe only buy because it has a red strip seal around it, haha. ...and as i see, your doing it right! My favorite is the Mario Golf VGA90, damn! Beautiful gem in my opinion! Congrats on the latest adds, good job mate!
  3. Beautiful built up Zelda collection here! I very love those rare and special cartridges!! In addition, it is cool to see how you painted the wall in green color. Everything fits here perfectly together! Good job!
  4. They really were yes, i agree with you. I also had the psx and the n64 console to the same time. One day i played the n64, the other day the psx. It was a must to have both consoles at once! Strange there are so less psx collectors in this forum. I think most people are afraid of lose discs and reseals... Even if new psx collectors join the forum, i think they see that this forum is to 90% about Nintendo only. They wont find many people here with which they could share their psx sealed collecting hobby, so they probably leave again before we even noticed them, lol...
  5. Epic stuff tkC. Congrats on those high graded items!
  6. I miss my Blast Corps already.
  7. Uploading pics is actually pretty easy in this new forum. You just have to spend a bit time to find out how it works, what i personally did when creating Aeikos whole collection-thread.
  8. Congrats Pete!
  9. Some epic pieces and upgrades pete! My favorite is the Yoshis Story 64. Would love a copy for my own collection to be honest. Also the Phantom Hourglass DS console and the Snes high graded games are awesome of course! Hype hype!!
  10. Wow, very high grade here Nick. It looks beautiful and this seems to be the highest graded copy right now. Congrats, good job with this one!
  11. No.1 Wii-grail Mario Kart plus Zelda Gb highest grade in existence. Two of the finest grails in gaming history there! Congrats Chris. The first bomb has fallen. Waiting for the second one next week, lol. Curious how your other games graded...
  12. Some great additions there Chris! Congrats!
  13. Congrats on the new update Chris, looking good! Your next update will be a killer however...
  14. Nice piece dave! Congrats! Where is the Zelda set?
  15. People who dont like VGA85 grades on rare games are fucked anyway and VGA gold whores. VGA85 grades are EPIC GRADES, specially when u know that VGA gives 85 grades on games with only shelfwear and slight scratches often. Its hard to sell VGA85 games often though the game inside is in great and near perfect sealed condition - and often very rare too! The great sealed game inside is what people should care most, not the grade! Of course we all want gold grades, me too, i admit it. However, its hard to sell a 85 game often, because some apes in this scene tell around that it woudnt be worthwhile to collect VGA85 games because that are silvers only and that people only should buy gold graded games. The guys who tell around such a shit, destroy the VGA-market themselves. Not good for everyone in this scene, so dont get how some guys can tell around such a shit. VGA 85 are good grades, u should know this! Why do you grade at all if u cant be happy with a VGA85 grade?! Also solid strip sealed games are super grails! Bandai seals are epic and ultra rare pieces @Zeldafreak, early first prints! GRAILZZZ! Dont know what u talk around for a shit sometimes... Last but not least, archival grade or not, why care so much? The grade is important in the end! Or do you prefer a VGA85 archival game instead of a VGA85+ non archival game...? Unbelievable whats going sometimes..