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  1. justice

    Uru101 Sealed Collection

    Beautiful collection uru. Love these pictures! Respect for that!
  2. justice

    tkC's Superlatives

    Love the Zelda Link between Worlds collectors Edition Nick. 95 grade is epic on this. With my copy i should also reach this grade of course, but im not 100% sure if i ever send this certain game to VGA as i love it unfolded like it is..(you have seen the picture on FB).
  3. justice

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    The Zelda DX is beautiful Kim! Great buy!
  4. Thats indeed a beautiful piece Matthew, congrats! Probably the best basketball game ever made. I grew up with it, but with the Snes-version. Here is a comparison between Snes and Mega Drive version - both are great however:
  5. justice

    BremZ Showcase

    Epic submission with this one Chris! Fapping day today as it seems...
  6. justice

    Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Cool one dave!
  7. justice

    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Great one Matty! One of my childhood games! Awesome!
  8. justice

    Hard Work Pays Off Dante

    Nice collection Zidane! And wow at DMC3 slipcase version. Never seen this before, must be super rare! Also nice to see my old DMC1 vga85 copy there bhaker mate.
  9. justice

    Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Cool stuff Dave! Didnt you wanna sell out or was i right with saying that u collect further FOREVER?!
  10. justice

    BremZ Showcase

    Two nice adds Chris, congrats!
  11. justice

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    Looks really cool Chippo. Great cover art!
  12. justice

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    Thats actually right, never noticed that.
  13. justice

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    You didnt gave me hearts though! Please change the upvotes from normal to hearts!
  14. justice

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    Ok +1 mate! Friends again!
  15. justice

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    kev can throw 70 fullcovers into the pot and ejaculate on them as that are beautiful pieces. Something u cant do Zeldafreak! At least u can fap on your guitars, thats not bad either!