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  1. MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    @topic How can G-P sell his Tetris GB. Its a milestone game which belongs in any serious red strip Nintendo collection! *me a huge Tetris fanboy as most of you know. ^^
  2. MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Great update Matty! Love the Tetris games. Together with them, the SMW GBA console, Illusion of Time, Super Mario Kart Classics and Final Fantasy 9 are my favorites. Nicely done!
  3. MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    For sure there will some be included in Matty's next update yes. My guess.
  4. Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Group pics are awesome. Looking forward to see it.
  5. MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    This will be insane again..lol...

    Congrats Dave!
  7. Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Cool stuff dave!
  8. Some cool Wii-graded additions Chris. Looking forward to your next sub. Will be interesting to see the full set sooner or later!
  9. Great gold graded games Chris! The new background is awesome, i really love it, but it makes the games look a bit odd, strange. Wonder why it is like that. Good choice with the background otherwise mate.
  10. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Rare game here. This game always reminds me of Bomberman. Congrats. Nice deal for both of you.
  11. tkC's Superlatives

    Cool pics! Thought dave was on the hunt for grails in London, but i see he found a real gem there instead. Love the banner on the frontpage tkC, good taste!
  12. Whatever, lol... When the time has come, i will do an update - and now out of my thread please, lol.
  13. Case fresh means nothing as long as its not graded Enze. Let grade it and then come back.