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  1. Shouldn´t this be in the buy/sell section? Also, dude doesn´t have 10 posts and wants to sell something? Honestly, I don´t like it and wish mods would do something about it, but of course if everyone doesn´t mind (mods included) then I guess I´ll keep ignoring it
  2. leonemesis

    My sealed ps1 collection

    Indeed an amazing collection, well done mate. It is always nice to see such dedication, it motivates me to maintain my efforts into collecting as well. When I wrap up a few more titles within my Megaten collection I will get back to PS1, right now I can't afford to do both. As I had mentioned in another thread, I've always preferred NTSC releases and will keep buying them, but PAL releases sure have grown on me. Mostly because of awesome covers and tear strips, hehe. I guess I used to dislike them simply because I grew up playing NTSC copies, so it's more like a habit thing. Some of my favorite PAL covers that you posted are Dino Crisis, Vandal Hearts and the FF's. Oh and there's this cover I had not seen for Gex, really stylish and awesome http://www.sealedgameheaven.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=835 There's also a couple I have not located in your pics that I enjoy, like Diablo, Kartia and Saga Frontier 2, not sure if you own them.
  3. leonemesis

    Dark Sol's PS2 Collection

    Hmm, that's not a bad idea, if you don't mind mixing PAL and NTSC. But isn't the first print of FF X PAL a bit pricey too? I know it got reprints and these are cheap, but you wouldn't want to add that to your collection. If I'm not mistaken, the first print has a Bonus DVD and has a different ratings logo, I think I read somewhere here in the forum. I didn't get a chance to play Wizardry, thus I can't really comment on it, but I will check up on it eventually.
  4. leonemesis

    Dark Sol's PS2 Collection

    Nice adds DS, congrats dude! My favorite adds are Grandia II, Wild Arms Code F and Devil Summoner. Too bad that NTSC PS2 releases no longer use the UPC code strip on top, I like them a lot, specially that shiny holo pull tab, Good thing PAL and JAP releases still kept tearstrips, I didn't care for them before, but I now recognize the classy touch they bring to sealed games, hehe Some PAL releases indeed have better artwork, the only thing I'm not too fond of is the blue cases. Anyway, congrats once again, also for your dedication, I respect you a lot.
  5. leonemesis

    Mega Man Collection

    Awesome pic with all the SNES Megamans Props to you Sanna for an outstanding collection! I enjoy this type of collecting the most, franchise focused, as everyone has one or two franchises they like the most. Oh yeah, it seems some of the pics from your previous post are not showing up, I wonder if it's a temporary problem with the image host. I will check back later to see the games, hehe.
  6. leonemesis

    Sandrik's PS3 & PSP Collection

    Nice add Sand! I've stumbled upon this edition a few times, but most of them they were incomplete. This one must have gone for a pretty penny! Konamistyle editions are awesome, they always put in some cool items.
  7. leonemesis

    Wrk's Collection

    Awesome stuff Brad! Schlong boxes FTW! Wish I had room for a big cabinet like that, safe way to store and also a good way to display them. I will figure out a way to fit one here eventually, though. Cheers dude
  8. leonemesis

    Dark Sol's PS2 Collection

    Yes, Atlus seems to keep reprinting both DDS and Nocturne up until now. In case of Nocturne it's easy to spot the first print, as it has the upc strip on top and comes with a bonus soundtrack disc.
  9. leonemesis

    Dark Sol's PS2 Collection

    Yep, they mean the first Disgaea. Nice games DS. Props on that Devil Summoner 2 box, it's a pain to get in that pristine condition, specially for us living outside the US. I actually bought it twice already and had them damaged during shipping or customs processing But I'll manage one eventually. You'll be adding more, I suppose? There's a few I can remember off the top of mind, like both Mana Khemias, Digital Devil Saga Boxset, Devil Summoner 1, SMT Nocturne.
  10. leonemesis

    Wrk's Collection

    Cool pic Brad, but this way we can't see all the Shrek 2's and Daring Girls's games you got
  11. leonemesis

    Sandrik's PS3 & PSP Collection

    Thanks for the info guys. I've seen those launch kits on auctions before, though they don't look as cool as the press kits for the earlier releases, hehe.
  12. leonemesis

    Sandrik's PS3 & PSP Collection

    Beautiful press kit, Naughty Dog certainly makes impressive stuff. Was there a press kit for Uncharted 3?
  13. leonemesis

    Mega Man Collection

    Was it just me or Mega Man's face in this pc game cover looks like was drawn by Disney or something? Congrats nonetheless, I did not imagine the original MM got released for PC
  14. leonemesis

    Ninjamaster's Limited Sony collection (Hardware-Software)

    Color me impressed, some amazing japanese releases there. It's surprising to see a complete set of the Atelier Arland Trilogy. The Rorona Premium box is costing an arm an leg nowadays. You even got Final Fantasy Type-0 Limited Edition, that thing was bloody expensive, else I'd have bought one. And props for the consoles, super awesome. I've got the Lightning edition console only. I've considered getting that sweet Tales of Xillia PS3, but I decided not to. How long have you been collecting these mate? Oh yeah, welcome to the forum!
  15. leonemesis

    Sandrik's PS3 & PSP Collection

    Damn Ghostlight shop that doesn't ship int'l, I wanted that Persona 2 IS Shirt so bad! Sell me yours Sand