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  1. Message Me, Interested in DMC 1, tried messaging but won't send. Cheers

  2. Gamecube

    BremZ Showcase

    Your collection is growing at an impressive rate Chris, with some top quality high graded titles to boot I´m really impressed. Keep up the hard work buddy! The Fire Emblems are beautiful. VGA 90+ or GTFO it seems...
  3. Lovely rare addition there Austin mate and even better in minty mint condition, congrats!!
  4. Gamecube

    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Fantastic collection here Matt, with many high quality graded grails!! Keep up the good work
  5. Gamecube

    Aaron´s complete PAL-UK Collection

    Thanks matey mates This copy doesn't have the blue sticker Austin...
  6. Gamecube

    Aaron´s complete PAL-UK Collection

    2 new arrivals, freshly back from a trip to VGA It' was surprisingly difficult to find a Mario Party 8 (Red Strip) in gold condition.
  7. Gamecube

    Sealed Wii Collection

    Yes awesome grades indeed, congrats! The collection is coming along very nicely
  8. Gamecube

    Aaron´s complete PAL-UK Collection

    The price isn't realistic Fezi, I know. But I'm also trying to draw some attention to the other graded items I just listed now Anyway, let's keep it on topic please
  9. Gamecube

    Aaron´s complete PAL-UK Collection

    Thanks for the kind comments SGH brothers and matey mates I will try and add more titles over the next few days... @ Fezi: I have the games stored upright on shelves in closed cabinets.
  10. Here is my fully graded (VGA only), sealed UK-PAL Games collection. Gamecube Gamecube Sealed Rental Releases Wii Sony PlayStation 2 Xbox 360
  11. Gamecube

    Fossit's sealed graded game collection

    Really nice start to your sealed graded games collection there mate, with some very impressive grades A fine mix of well chosen titles for sure It does appear UKG are no longer shy about handing out those 95/95+´s ! (unless you had to grade several copies of each game?) keep up the good work!
  12. Lovely new additions again Austin Inazuma Eleven is a nice one which is also becoming increasingly difficult to obtain and is more than holding its original RRP.
  13. Gamecube

    Notts_Alan's VGA Collection

    Nice upgrades there Alan