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  1. Startyde

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    Amazing collection as always.
  2. Startyde

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    I recognize some of those. Awesome additions!!
  3. Startyde

    Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Nice MKT
  4. Startyde

    1Upped Neo Geo Pocket Color collection

    Gawd Damn Gorgeous. GDG son.
  5. Startyde

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    You def play big Zero, that's a great lot.
  6. Startyde

    1Upped Neo Geo Pocket Color collection

    Bumping again. I love this collection.
  7. You updated on my birthday Anderwin. I appreciate that ;p
  8. Startyde

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    Good gawd, a legendary load. That Star Wars Force Unleashed is a personal fav though, just epic.
  9. Startyde

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    Very cool setup. Simple, elegant. I like it. I'd personally keep that lamp off. I don't think having it on improves visibility and only introduces heat and light, two things you really don't want around a collectable.
  10. Startyde

    Sealed PC Big Box Collection

    Incredible collection, some real gems here.
  11. Startyde

    1Upped Neo Geo Pocket Color collection

    Wanted to bump this thread because the collection is absolutely legendary. What an amazing time at the turn of the century when snk made a system to tackle Nintendo. Too bad the big N pulled Pokemon out of theit sleeve. Still, what a library in such a short time. Up their with Dreamcast as a high ration gem game system.
  12. Startyde

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    Very cool stuff zero.
  13. Startyde

    HadoukeNido's VGA Collection

    Always thought it would be great to get Hideo to sign a MGSV, since Konomi worked so hard to strip him off it.
  14. Startyde

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    I was gonna say, we sure this isnt fake, look at the odd corners. EDIT: Reading the story on NA, I lean towards it being real. I feel bad for the seller, no idea what he had. (I imagine not many did)
  15. Startyde

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    I'm ignorant, what's the variation on this?