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  1. great
  2. pm adam, i will welcome your big money offers
  3. If you need a first print Croc (part one) german pal, pm me. I have a double.
  4. ok thanks for your useless anwser. not going to grade, it stays in my collection anyway. I dont have money and nerves to waste for vga and customs
  5. whats the value of a gold case windwaker for gamecube uk pal? mine looks casefresh, seriously.
  6. yes i agree, but i guess the one or another game was sold? No sure, lets ask matestice.
  7. that is the right way to do it chris, good strategy and this will lead to more satisfaction and less stress in collecting at all. You evolved, congrats mate
  8. iam mike and iam your bro
  9. zelda is epic no doubt, but warioland 4 looks super nice graded - best cover of a warioland game imo congrats!
  10. i think dave gets a bit of a "special treatment" as their number oner customer
  11. its on the first page, you mongo congrats to your amazing adds, sedy
  12. Iam Mike and iam your bro, you aint pay high, i will say NO - dont complain or you´re K.O.!
  13. Iam Mike and iam your bro, i punch you hard and fuck your hoe, if i can see her cameltoe.
  14. Iam Mike and iam your bro! May I ask why justice has "issues" just because he tells some actual facts? Every word he spoke is true, lol. Its pathetic how you act mike, and i laughed my ass off when i saw you on facebook, try to convince people to buy your pikmin painting already hahaha lol. Its okay, i dont blame you for taking advantage of peoples naive and stupid nature in the end (with "GPS" as a prime example of this kind)...if they wanna throw money out of the window fine, but you contributed a lot to ruin the scene and the market. And therefore you build up your own legend, mrgayuniverse... Hi Enze, I miss you, my Dreamcast buddy! Not sure if you've noticed Enze, but you've been treating me like a noob since day one, and I'm a member now for nearly 2 years! LOL So I spend big from time to time, does that make me an idiot? If that was the case, all the Mods, Admins, you yourself, noob members and dead members are all idiots! We are sealed collectors after all, and being stingy all the time to get items that we want is now pretty much impossible mate. Enze you need to wake the f#ck up! Let's just enjoy each other's collections. Who has the bigger collection or bigger spend, then just let them be. That is all, folks! you are predictable like a little baby dog and you even followed ´s invitation for a "support post" ..and you probably have no idea what iam talking about again at all you are a complete laughingstock and you wonder why nobody gives a fuck about you or takes you serious? go to your superbrother mike, but believe me: he would shit a big, stinky load on your little asian rat-head too, if you were a poor bastard without any money. its not me who needs to wake up