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  1. sonicpace

    1Upped VGA NES games

    Very nice collection, 1Upped. Look at all those black boxes! It still amazes me how much some of them sell for.
  2. sonicpace

    Scudd's VGA Collection

    Nice collection, Scudd.
  3. sonicpace

    1Upped gameboy collection

    Very nice collection. There aren't a whole lot of GameBoy collectors. I also decided to stop collecting for GB once I realized how expensive and hard it is to collect for and it's nearly impossible to find mostly gold condition games, as so many of the older GB game boxes have some form of damage. I really wish I had started collecting many years ago, but it is what it is. I'm content sticking with GBA and it will likely remain the only portable system I'll collect for moving forward. I would love to have a mint copy of Shantae though. Your 90 is amazing!
  4. sonicpace

    Gemini-Phoenix's Sealed PAL Xbox Games

    Wow GP! I just looked at your collection pics, you have by far one of the greatest Xbox collections out there. I have a question about one of your sealed games: in your first post you said that Conker: Live & Reloaded was released with “Not for supply in UK” what exactly does this mean? Is this an import of a game not released at all in the UK? This would seem like an unusual move, considering this was a very popular game..
  5. sonicpace

    Gamesgaryjp's Xbox 360 Collection

    Nice games, Gamesgaryjp. There aren't too many Xbox collectors out there. I myself only have a handful of Xbox games in my collection, but its nice to see a serious collector with so many great games for this platform.
  6. sonicpace

    Sandrik's PS3 & PSP Collection

    Wow, that is the most impressive sealed PSP and PS3 collection I have ever seen!