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  1. ruzuk01

    Gameboy Advance Red Strip Collection

    Cheers dude. Shouldn't be too long now hopefully. Think Mario Bro's could be the most difficult one to obtain now, but the other two I don't think are particularly rare?
  2. ruzuk01

    Gameboy Advance Red Strip Collection

    Finally! Main set now complete! Just 3 more for the full set: Super Mario Bros (NES Classics) Excitebike (NES Classics) Dr Mario (NES Classics)
  3. ruzuk01

    Sealed Nintendo Collection

    Also added some consoles
  4. ruzuk01

    Sealed Nintendo Collection

    Another long over due update! Added some Gameboy and gamecube games plus newer gen stuff.
  5. ruzuk01

    Gameboy Advance Red Strip Collection

    Cheers Yeah i have been trying for ages to get hold of a Mint/near mint copy of Advance Wars. Need this one the most for my main goal to be complete.
  6. ruzuk01

    Gameboy Advance Red Strip Collection

    Very long overdue update of my GBA collection. Only a few more games to go until it’s complete! Just need the following now: Advance Wars Super Mario Bros (NES Classics) Excitebike (NES Classics) Pac-Man (NES Classics) Dr Mario (NES Classics) Please let me know if you have any of these for sale. Ideally I would also like to swap my Sword of Mana for the UK version.
  7. ruzuk01

    Gameboy Advance Red Strip Collection

    Cheers Gamesgaryjp, Yeah its a shame I didn't start collecting these earlier. A year ago, I probably could of completed the set already with the amount i have spent. Oh well.
  8. ruzuk01

    Gameboy Advance Red Strip Collection

    Cheers Geo! Justice - yep definitely going for the full set but will leave the classics set till last unless i find them cheap somewhere. I still have some of the more rare/expensive ones to get so may be while before its complete.
  9. ruzuk01

    Gameboy Advance Red Strip Collection

    Thanks Justice! Yeah I see you have an amazing collection there. The ones I want to get the most are Wario Land and Golden Sun.
  10. ruzuk01

    Gameboy Advance Red Strip Collection

    Cheers for the comments. I now have 3 more to add to the collection:
  11. Latest update: 16/06/13 Current list: 2 Consoles: GBA + Super Mario Advance 2 (‘Nintendo’ Sticker seal) GBA Pink (‘Nintendo’ Sticker seal) Accessories: GBA Wireless Adapter 66 Games: Advance Wars Advance Wars 2 : Black Hole Rising Disney's Magical Quest DK King of Swing Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Country Dr Mario & Puzzle League Dynasty Warriors Advance F-Zero: GP Legend F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls – VGA 90+ Final Fantasy IV Advance Final Fantasy V Advance Final Fantasy VI Advance Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Fire Emblem Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Game & Watch Gallery Golden Sun Golden Sun: The Lost Age Hamtaro Rainbow Rescue Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak Hamtaro Ham-Ham Games Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Kuru Kuru Kururin L'Aigle de Guerre (French) Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap – VGA 90 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Mario Golf: Advance Tour Mario Kart Super Circuit Mario Party Advance – VGA 85 Super Mario Ball Mario Power Tennis Mario vs. Donkey Kong Metroid Fusion Metroid: Zero Mission Pokemon Ruby Pokemon Sapphire Pokemon Emerald Pokemon Fire Red Pokemon Leaf Green – VGA 85+ Pokemon Pinball Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Polarium Advance Super Mario Advance Super Mario Advance 2 Super Mario Advance 3 Super Mario Advance 4 Sword of Mana (Spanish/Italian) Top Gear Rally Tales of Phantasia Wario Land WarioWare Yoshi's Universal Gravitation Nes classics; Bomberman Donkey Kong – VGA 85 Ice Climber – VGA 85 Metroid Pacman Xevious Zelda 1 Zelda 2
  12. ruzuk01

    Sealed Nintendo Collection

    Cheers guys. Megaman and Battletoads are two of my more recent additions. You may have noticed them on Ebay recently.
  13. Updated: 26/05/13 Consoles: Games: GBA Collection can be found here