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  1. theanalogkid

    Badtz Maru sealed game collection

    Badtz! This is really a beautiful collection. I am sure a lot of time and effort went into it...so I say bravo! Brilliant! And all in such terrific condition! A cap tip to you from me - I love it! Everything looks so glossy.
  2. theanalogkid

    Mega Man Collection

    MM covers are always well done. Action packed! Nice adds, San!
  3. theanalogkid

    Sandrik's Retro Collection

    Stellar MM2 Sands! Can't wait to see it cased and graded.
  4. theanalogkid

    Mega Man Collection

    I love that rendition of Mega Man! Classic, one-of-a-kind item Sanna! Outstanding. I think you would be able to get those CDs graded by VGA. Should fall under the same category as say, a press kit or promo item.
  5. theanalogkid

    Pac-Man-Fan's Collection

    I just wish you had 10 copies of the DD, PMF...
  6. theanalogkid

    Pac-Man-Fan's Collection

    Rad DD black seal, Pac! Beautiful. You knew I'd comment on that one