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  1. Do you love reading essays? Do you feel that there's not enough essays in your life? Want more essays? Throw me something to work with - a suggestion or a topic - and I'll respond with an essay. Give me something to work with here, folks! :)

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  3. Gemini-Phoenix

    Austin's Sealed Nintendo Wii Collection (UK PAL)

    I think the Wii-U is a great console to collect for. The selection of first party titles is relatively small, but quality, and the good thing about the console is that there's very little in the way of shovelware on it like with the Wii - either because Nintendo haven't released their development kits as widely; Nintendo have tighter quality control over the games; or because publishers don't find it a viable platform to release crappy games on when they can easily release them on iOS, Android, PSN, or XBLA instead. I also thing few publishers outside of Capcom, SEGA, and Nintendo wanted to bother with the gamepad touchscreen functionality, instead preferring to develop such games for the 3DS or mobile phones I really like the Wii-U. It has its flaws, but I love being able to play retro games on the gamepad without actually having to turn the TV on. The screen size is great, and Super Mario Maker is by far the best use of a touchscreen that I have seen since The World Ends With You on the DS! Just a shame that Nintendo keep deleting user content... In terms of collecting Wii-U, now is a good time to do so. Games are still readily available, and at a decent price, and there are a bunch of neat Collector's Editions up for grabs - although most newer ones tend to be Amiibo box sets. It's probably worth noting that most CE versions of the games are "Bundle Copy" versions, so a true completist would need to buy those as well as the retail versions. Most CE copies of the games are EUR with a mauve triangle as well, so UKV elitists would need to track down copies with green spine triangles where possible. It is a little disheartening to see that Nintendo have rolled out the Nintendo Selects line again, which I personally think cheapens the brand. They should have just stuck to releasing the games as normal versions and nobody would be any the wiser. For collectors like us, it means that we have to double-dip unnecessarily in order to truly be complete All in all, I would definitely recommend the Wii-U to anyone looking to start collecting a new console, although I would advise to stick to the main first party and selected console exclusive third party titles, and not waste your time with the general third party games that are mostly inferior to their PlayStation and Xbox counterparts.
  4. Gemini-Phoenix

    GPS's VGA Stripshow

    That would be you, mate. It's yours now, it belongs to you.
  5. Gemini-Phoenix

    BremZ Showcase

    American Mario Anniversary looks out of place in a predominantly UK set.
  6. Gemini-Phoenix

    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Nice Uncharted set there! If you wanted to flesh out this set, there's a GOTY edition for Uncharted 3, which should be quite cheap & widely available still. There's also the rare double pack, that is essentially the Platinum versions of the first two games bundled together in a cardboard box.
  7. Gemini-Phoenix

    Gemini-Phoenix's N-Gage Collection

    If you scan through the list of titles, it's pretty much all killer. There's a small amount of sports titles, but the vast majority of these are decent titles or ports of more popular home console games. Plenty of tites that have a place in a franchise sub-collection too, for example, Call Of Duty, Sonic The Hedgehog, Tomb Raider, King Of Fighters, Rayman, Worms, Crash Bandicoot etc...
  8. Gemini-Phoenix

    Gemini-Phoenix's N-Gage Collection

    I have just updated the initial post as the images were dead. I have uploaded them to the SGH server, so should remain now. I also just discovered that the games in the first photo aren't in alphabetical order for some odd reason, so I don't know what happened there when I was taking pictures Not mentioned is the System Rush Press Kit (pictured in the second image) which is essentially a NFRS release. To my knowledge almost every N-gage game had a Press Kit release like this, although they don't come sealed, and do not include a cart storage case inside. Also not mentioned is the Flo Boarding cart which came as a console pack-in for early adopters of the console. I purchased my console on day one, and this cart was thrown inside the box. The cart itself is a hybrid SD card with a small partition read-only (for the game), with the remaining partition for general SD card use. This cart is considered one of the rarest N-gage items to own, as many people either lost the card or didn't adopt early enough to own it. I still need to replace several of the common games with sealed copies, and also hunt down those last few remaining titles, but finding N-gage stuff on eBay now or ever has always been difficult!
  9. Gemini-Phoenix

    Happyweed UKG Collection

    What made you choose UKG over VGA for these? I notice you have TWEWY VGA and UKG... interesting!
  10. Gemini-Phoenix

    Happyweed Sealed Collection

    First I'm seeing of this collection! A few titles I didn't know you had there! Definitely a few secrets have been kept! Might have to do a thread of my own to rival this, but honestly haven't got the motivation to sit there and upload thousands of pictures... maybe one day...
  11. Gemini-Phoenix

    Dreamcast Collection by bel

    Saw this beauty on Twitter. Bel would love it! https://twitter.com/RetroGamer_Mag/status/664407411109863424/photo/1
  12. Gemini-Phoenix

    Dreamcast Collection by bel

    I wonder whether Bel was one of the 5 people who backed the Pier Solar campaign on Kickstarter for the limited edition Dreamcast console? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/573261866/pier-solar-hd-an-rpg-for-xbox360-pc-mac-linux-and/description $999 pledge
  13. Gemini-Phoenix

    Dreamcast Collection by bel

    Makes me miss the days of DreamcastHistory. That was a great forum back in the day. I remember seeing this collection grow from the beginning. This thread brings back fond memories
  14. Gemini-Phoenix

    Supermario65's Golden Grotto

    Another well-presented collection thread! I think the bar has been set on SGH and it's nice to see so many people taking pride in showing off their collections - large or small! Very nice items there!
  15. Gemini-Phoenix

    Aaron´s complete PAL-UK Collection

    Without a doubt, probably the most well-presented collection here on SGH! Obviously a lot of hard work and effort has gone into taking and uploading these pictures, and organising them in such a way that looks simple and appealing! Kudos to Aaron! This will most likely be how I inevitably end up displaying my collection when I finally get a chance to do so