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    Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Some nice upgrades and additions. Collection updated!
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    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Was hoping you would buy my collection mate once ive got the complete PAL graded set ;p
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    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Now added new wii section, big thanks to Auspinks for the games collection and the photo's. Will do my own one day, but got permission from him to use his for now.
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    Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Good gets Roshan! Congrats!
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    Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Awesome upgrades Roshan! You make me a little jealous with these GBA titles. I'd like to have them too someday... Congrats with all of them! Good job
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    Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Another update, some more UKG PAL N64 games Also re-photographed my Netherlands Fuji Twisted Edge exclusive!
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    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Never say never
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    Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!

    awesome update bro, crystal, leaf green and that pokemon yellow with the unusual "wide strip" is a one of a kind gem, good job!
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    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Its a race between Matty & Pete (aka @aeiko)
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    That Pokémon cereal VGA I never gave it much thought when I first seen it on Mike’s thread. Now that I’m more experienced with VGA, it makes me appreciate these unique items a lot more! Nice touching story of an item travelling all over the globe and landing back to its original owner (who loves it the most).
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    Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Great haul mate, that Mario Party is beautiful, welcome to the 95 club
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    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Upgrades and raw poo
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    Although there has been mutters within the community lately that "buyers are more reluctant to buy" and "things aren't selling as quick as they should," I feel you simply can not pass up the opportunity to purchase something if you desperately want it. Case in point, this: Did I overpay? Probably. But as per my first post, I regretted parting with this four or so years ago, so I'm glad it's finally back home! HUGE shout out to @BigC (aka: Christian) who is currently selling his whole collection (*cheap plug*), and although he didn't have to, was happy to part with this on it's own for me. Muchas Gracias!
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    Hard Work Pays Off Dante

    Well I have been trying to collect the complete PAL-UK Devil May Cry collection for a while now and I can now safely say that I am there! The reason its been tough is because I have this weird OCD that has me wanting to complete a set with the same grade and 85+ is that special grade for me. Its been tough, required back and forth between VGA due to higher and lower grades, one time grading 4 copies of DMC 3 special edition. But I am very proud of my collection! (there is 3 missing but I have a bunch of those and just need them graded as they are common). These ones were the most important so hopefully I can get them all in a special cabinet for a proper picture with Ebony and Ivory. I was waiting for that moment to come with a WOW image of the full set but couldn't contain myself any longer!
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    Memorys Collection Updated

    Updated 29/11/2013
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