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  4. Still looking for NTSC Crash Bandicoot games! Let me know if you have any. 

  5. I've been warning you guys for years about going OUTSIDE! Be more like me... stay INSIDE!

  6. Well the time has come... to tell you you are mistakes. If you are looking for bigger and better things, I already have the internal call

    1. Bane Voice

      Bane Voice

      omg, Look at the puppy! :-) your dog is adorable. 

    2. NameDisplayed


      lolol thx His name is Maccabees

  7. Well, we’ll, well, look at this group of wieners!

  8. Starting to enjoy being back on the forum :) now looking for DKC titles for SNES/GB/N64 

  9. New users, Welcome to the forums! Please stop by the introduce yourself thread and say hello. :wub:  xoxo

    1. Tiffany_Strange


      'Hello'! :wink:

    2. Bane Voice

      Bane Voice

      Hi, welcome to the Forum.:hero:

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