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      There is a degree of risk to buying off the internet. Please use common sense and verify the seller. Use a secure payment method and have items sent tracked and insured. Sealed game heaven will NOT be responsible for any transaction that goes bad.   ETIQUETTE FOR SALES, TRADES AND AUCTIONS   YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO: Flame items, people are free to sell anything except bootlegs.
      Flame about prices, no matter how silly.
      Thread Hijack "I have that for $XXX".
      Have excessive thread conversation.
      If you want to discuss the item, make a thread and post a referral link in the sale thread. .
          YOU ARE PERMITTED TO: Comment on price in order to haggle.
      "That's a bit much, how does $500 sound?"
      Request more or clearer photographs.
      Inquire for references, including eBay profile.
      Ask seller to calculate shipping costs.
      !!! Any posts that bring a sales thread too far off topic will be moved, edited, merged or deleted!!!   SALES THREAD FOR USERS WITH UNDER 30 POSTS: If you are a new user with under 30 posts making a sales thread here then if the buyer asks you MUST ship the item before payment is made.
      SALES/TRADES: All items being sold or traded MUST be accompanied with photo's. Sale/Trade topics made without pictures will be DELETED. Saying you will post pictures later is not good enough; only make a Sale/Trade topic when you have pictures of the item/s.
      Keep all non-trade items out of any photographs to avoid confusion.
      Item region MUST be specified. i.e pal-uk, pal-german, ntsc-u, etc.
      Keep all eBay and off site auction links to the eBay forum. ( Though You Are not Allowed to Link Ebay Listings that have bidders set to 'Private' anywhere ) .
      Sellers of rare items or collections of size can request that the thread
      be considered for "sticky" status. This is at moderator’s discretion.
      Feedback: Leaving appropriate feedback benefits all users of sgh.
      Feedback should reflect how a deal went, and not have any personal attacks
      If any feedback issues arise messaged either a moderator or an administrator
      !!! When in doubt, send a private message to an Administrator or Moderator!!!
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      Forum rules

      Below is a the set of rules to abide by when participating in this community , breaking them constantly will lead to a Temporary or Permanent Ban (depending on the severity of the action).     The Guidelines :   Will it contribute? Opinions must be supported with logical reason and if necessary cited evidence. Questions should be provided with enough information so others can help. All interaction should be polite, respectful and constructive; website trolls are not tolerated.   Has it been posted before ? Search before posting , it is always better to post in an existing thread than to start a new one. (Use the search function at the top right to see if samiliar post have been made already ) . Make sure you are posting in the correct sub-forum before submitting your new thread. Always refer to forum 'stickies' that are present in certain areas of the board. Be polite towards other members, flaming or any notable lack of manners will result in a ban .
      No porn, racism, discrimination or anything that might offend other users. Permanent Ban awaits those who break this rule.
      Do not negatively comment about others collections or collection habits.
      Do not personally attack other members publicly in the chat or forums .
      Don't post about any religious, political, and other controversial subjects that could lead to huge arguments.(This is a Video Game Collecting Forum afterall )
      You are not permitted to derail a thread's initial topic of discussion.
      Do not post spam or re-post closed, modified or deleted content.
      Account sharing or making multiple accounts is not permitted in this community.
      You are not allowed to openly argue with an Administrator or Moderator.
      Do not publicly post or share private messages without expressed permission.
      Do not show anything that is not safe for work.
      Linking to pirated or warez content is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban .
      Stalking Members On Ebay and post what they won on the forum is not allowed.
      Modifying/Converting others people pictures is not allowed and should be avoided at all costs .
      Do not Shamelessly promote / spam your website or service. Talking about other websites is, to some extent, allowed. Advertisement however, is not.
      Do not post any personal information about you or any other forum user.
      No Hacking - This should go without saying, but you are not permitted to hack the board. Guessing someone else's password and succeeding counts as hacking. Members who hack will instantly be permanently banned without any warnings.
      Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed.
      Posts discussing moderator actions are also not allowed.
      No sale threads are allowed in the VGA Showcase.
      All post's/chat must be made in English
      Whenever you see rules broken, report it to a Global Moderator or simply ignore the offending post(s).     Be aware that administrators and moderators reserve the right to change these rules without previous notice or delete any content at any time if we feel it is inapproriate or unsuitable
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      The SGH Heaven Membership fundraiser is now up and running again. It has been a long time since we ran any form of fundraising to help with the running costs of the SGH, but it has now become somewhat of a necessity, so we have decided to once again open up our Heaven Memberships to users. For a small price of $15, your account will be upgraded to one of our Heaven Accounts for 1 year.   The Benefits include: A 6000 PM Inbox Folder. Access to our exclusive LIVE Chatbox. Access to an exclusive Heaven Area. The Heaven Member emblem underneath your avatar. Blue account name on the forums to show your Heaven membership recognition. Unlimited upload for photos etc (normal member limit is 5,000kb). Request a custom member title. ~NEW~ Request a custom profile song. ~NEW~
      Your small purchase of our Heaven Membership will help ensure that we can keep the quality servers and site hosting, so that SGH can run smoothly and be available to all.  
      If you would like to purchase one of our Heaven Memberships, simply click the “Buy Now” button below where you will be redirected to PayPal, then just follow the prompts.   NB: Heaven Membership privileges may be revoked at any time by the site Admin due to members not conforming to SGH community guidelines. Heaven privileges will also be revoked upon failure to renew your subscription.   ~ ~ Please PM when Heaven Membership has been purchased ~ ~     We at SGH thank you for your support over the years past, and we look forward to your continual support in the future.   Kind Regards,
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  1. Yesterday
  2. Awesome achievements for a year!
  3. About a year ago
  4. Great nintendo collection, did not see this before. When did you start collecting sealed?
  5. Nice star wars set.
  6. Last week
  7. Very nice mate, love those 90's
  8. New games added, gold Star Wars set!
  9. Nice collection mate, get that ocarina graded, also I never saw a 50 before, looks strange that label
  10. Earlier
  11. Hey folks! For the last few years, video games meant to me the following: A lot of boom, lots of action, mega detailed graphics and for the most part only Triple A games! Call of Duty, Titanfall, Battlefield, GTA, Big and Bombastic! Until March of this year. The Nintendo switch was released and I, who was actually NOT wanted to buy a new Nintendo console, got a switch. The question, which game I have bought with it, does not have to be asked at all, because of course it was Zelda. My first video game in my life was Ocarina of Time, the last part I played was Twilight Princess. I went in without much expectations - and I was completely enchanted! No idea how many hours i spent in Breath of the Wild , but it has finally opened my eyes! A game does not have to have the best and most up-to-date graphics, it does not always have to explode and bang trough the headset speakers! And that's exactly why I've played a lot of indie games and some old classics, especially Zelda games! Now I know why so many are talking good about Majoras Mask, because I'm playing it now! Anyway, long story short, I got a CiB Ocarina of Time to put it in my glass cabinet. Then I found a CiB NTSC version... and now I have 2 VGAs, 3 sealed games, 2 Japanese imports and its own wall for it! I started with all this at the beginning of May and even though I have already collected a little bit (which is not a comparison with the extreme collections here, but I have a small purse), I wanted to post my little developments in this thread here and post little updates time to time. I hope to find here some equal thinking people and maybe a few tips or recommendations! Shoutout at this point to acidjaguar, which already helped me so much (update to it later). Although I have several games in my collection, I am concentrating on Ocarina of Time & Majoras Mask right now (because the money, you know)! My current requests and looking-for's: Ocarina of Time NTSC Sealed (or Graded) Ocarina of Time JAPAN Sealed (or Graded) Loose Ocarina of Time Collectors Edition Cartridge Ocarina of Time NOT FOR RESALE Cartridge MINT Ocarina of Time (Limited Edition) Guide US and JAPAN Majoras Mask NTSC Sealed (or Graded) Majoras Mask Japan Sealed (or Graded) Loose Majoras Mask NTSC Cartridge Loose Majoras Mask PAL Cartridge Majoras Mask NOT FOR RESALE Cartridge MINT Majoras Mask (Limited Edition) Guide US and JAPAN Please contact me when you can help me or know where to find for a reasonable price (: And now pictures of the collection! https://imgur.com/gallery/oZC1B (By the way, i hope it's okay to post this on a few boards and forums, so i reach out to more people and collectors!)
  12. Damn! That is some impressive shizz! (As always!) Where do you people find this stuff...?
  13. Nice controller dave! Fits perfect in your snes collection!
  14. Looks great mate, dont talk to me about grading pile..mine is a beast, I need to stop feeding it!
  15. Epic brother. Good to see you finally got a pad again
  16. Nice to see that you found it again! Quite rare stuff today, no doubt. Good for you!
  17. Thanks mate .. i previuosly owned a red strip snes controller but that was before i was properly going hard on snes and ended up selling it on .. regretted it ever since so im very happy to get another one . think i have only seen 2 or three of them over the years
  18. Holy shit, great add mate. I've never seen a red strip snes controller
  19. Another item for my to be graded pile
  20. I agree with Enze, only collect what u love Chris. Not worthwhile to go for every shit title which doesnt make u happy in the end and which u maybe only buy because it has a red strip seal around it, haha. ...and as i see, your doing it right! My favorite is the Mario Golf VGA90, damn! Beautiful gem in my opinion! Congrats on the latest adds, good job mate!
  21. thanks mate! Yeah I feel much better the direction im going now Cheers Dave Just need that Mario Party for the trio! haha Cheers Matty, Super happy to get Mario Kart 64, one of the best ever N64 titles imo Thanks Enze! Yeah your right, I don't feel so obliged to buy every N64 title under the sun now, Feel im collecting for the reason I really started, the love of video games
  22. Awesome adds, Chris! It's good to see that you're striving to get the best of the best.
  23. I love the Blast Corps and Mario Kart 64 Red Seal! Where did you find them?
  24. Love it mate all world class additions.
  25. The MP2 & Golf are sicks. Epic adds!!!!!
  26. That new shift in gear was a nice shift @Bremz! Also made my "gear" shift too! LOL
  27. Yes, go on a holiday so I can buy some games on the cheap! I'm waiting on buying a new home first, then will let them loose on display shelves. Will be much more convenient taking pics this way, as currently they're mostly in boxes scattered around the place. Can't wait!
  28. yeah mate , all our collections evolve as do our collecting habits .. i love that mp2 85+ and the mario golf 90 congratz on all your new additions
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